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Walking through a health food store or browsing through a supplement catalog can be downright intimidating and overwhelming! How do you know what you need?

Dr. Wallach of Youngevity has created a streamlined, simple, online Health Evaluation you can access right here

Be sure to put my name, Ann Musico in as the person who referred you so I can follow up with you!

Then just follow the directions, answering the questions in each section - click "calculate" at the end of each. Once you submit you'll get a screen telling you I will contact you with suggestions once I go over your results. 

You will also get a copy of what you submitted.

Then I will email you some recommendations and suggestions for Youngevity supplements you may want to consider. You'll have access to order forms - both print and online - should you decide to order.

I will also give you any other suggestions I think might be helpful.

That's all there is to it! So click here to get started! It will be the most productive 5 minutes ever.

I empower women to live well so they can model health and wholeness - spirit, soul and body - to their families, workplaces and communities.