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Corona Virus


During This Chaotic Time



I wanted to reach out to anyone and everyone who visits my website during this frightening, chaotic time.


I understand that many people have health questions and concerns at this time and are looking for help and answers. I emphasize that I am not a doctor. I am a holistic health coach. Besides taking the precautions President Trump has suggested, I can share some of the strategies my family and I are practicing in order to keep our immune systems strong so we are able to come through this time healthy. I have posted newsletters regarding these which you can access below.


Proactive Health: Staying Ahead of the Curve

Proactive Health: Food and Supplements

Proactive Health: Spirit and Soul


If you would like a sheet that simply lists the resources from the second email that you can print out, simply subscribe to the weekly newsletter here and I will send it to you.



I will be doing another series of newsletters beginning in June about where we go from here. I will share practical information for how you can support a healthy immune system and hope to provide some information you may not see anywhere else.


Washing your hands is always important. Keep in mind that on a normal day you walk through the grocery store and have no idea if someone with a contagious disease has just walked through and coughed or sneezed! So these seemingly simple steps are important – all the time. But let's not become paranoid.


Embracing Uncertainty: Perception, Truth and Faith


Practice social distancing. As a Christian I trust God first and foremost to protect me and I am not afraid to be around people. However, I would never want to be one who puts someone at risk for whom it could be life-threatening. Let us practice the Golden Rule and do unto others as we would have them do unto us. Let's use wisdom, common sense and exercise compassion.


Here is an article my friend Charity Kayembe and I put together to address the emotional component of this crisis.


Here is a post I did  where I shared links to some useful information from some sources I trust.


Here is what I would like to leave you with. These are lyrics from a song I love by Mercyme called Move:

I'm not about to give up
Because I heard you say
There's gonna be brighter days
There's gonna be brighter days
I wont stop, I'll keep my head up
No, I'm not here to stay
There's gonna be brighter days
There's gonna be brighter days
I just might bend but I won't break
As long as I can see your face
When life won't play along and right keeps going wrong
And I can't seem to find my way
I know where I am found, so I won't let it drag me down, oh
I'll keep dancing anyway
I'm gonna move, move
I'm gonna move, move
I'm gonna move (I'm gonna move)
I've got to hold 'er steady
Keep my head in the game
Everything is about to change
Everything is about to change
This hurt is getting heavy
But I'm not about to cave
Everything is about to change
There's gonna be brighter days
I just might bend but I won't break
As long as I can see your face


Finally, if you need prayer, please click this link.


If you have a question or concern about something natural you could do, email me here: ann@threedimensionalvitality.com


Avail yourself of some of the free resources I offer. And if you wanted to do one of the coaching plans, but find yourself unable to financially at this difficult time, contact me and we can work something out.


Be salt and light in this dark world.


My mission and goal is to provide information, support, resources and encouragement to anyone who needs it to the best of my ability.

Empowering women to exemplify vibrant health at every stage of life and to be catalysts for health in their families, workplaces and communities.