Podcasts and Videos

Would you like to watch a video demonstration or listen to a conference or podcast?  I have several videos already done with more to come and I've done numerous interviews and podcasts on principles of 3 D living.  Click the links to watch or listen!

Zoom Interview

Watch my Zoom Interview with the Iron Jen McDonough on Tips for a Healthier Year!

In the Blink of an Eye Interview

Listen as Celeste Davis interviews me about my health crisis and how my faith was instrumental in bringing me through.

3 Steps To Change Goals Into Habits

Listen as Celeste and Phil Davis interview me about how to turn your goals into habits and live a much healthier life!  My interview begins at about minute 14.

Stress, Shame & Self-Image

Listen as Keith Brown and I discuss why stress, shame and self-image may be the hidden blocks to your path to truly vibrant health and wholeness!

Benefits of Eating Healthy in a Busy World

Who wants to be considered "average"? No one - but when it comes to health and weight loss, the average American is not doing well! Obesity, diabetes, heart disease are all running rampant - and it doesn't have to be this way. Join me as The Iron Jen and I discuss how we might make some healthy changes.

January 2014 Interview on The IronJen Show

What do toxicity and stress have to do with weight loss? Maybe more than you thought! Listen as The Iron Jen & I discuss How to Lose Weight and Stay Healthy During Stressful Times!

Iron Jen Radio Show Interview

Join me as Jen McDonough (Iron Jen!) interviews me about Simple and Easy Tips to a Healthier Life - Spirit, Soul and Body!

Iron Jen Radio Interview #2

Join Jen and me for the second interview talking about MORE simple and easy steps for improving your health.

Purposeful Pathway January 2013

Listen as I explain what 3D Vitality is and how it applies to weight loss.

Purposeful Pathway March 2013

Find out what improving your waist line has to do with your bottom line!

3 D Living Weekly Podcasts

I have podcasts here that explain practical principles of 3D living!  They're short (10 minutes or less) so you can easily fit them into your busy day.  Join me here and begin living a 3D life of wholeness and vitality.

Getting Healthy in a Biblical Way

Hear my interview with Scott Speight on his Blog Talk Radio Show about Getting Healthy in a Biblical Way!

I empower women to live well so they can model health and wholeness - spirit, soul and body - to their families, workplaces and communities.