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3D Living Program Keys

Living life in "3-D" is really simple.  The "3-D" refers to spirit, soul and body being in harmony and balance. The four basic keys that are applied to each are: 

          1.  CLEANSE/DETOX

                When summer comes one of the first things we do is to change the

                filter in our air conditioning unit so that when the hot weather comes and

                we flip it on, it will work most efficiently.  Same is true for our bodies. 

                In order for our bodies to function optimally we must cleanse our systems regularly. 

                There are many different ways to detox your spirit, soul and body.  We will discuss

                different methods and choose the ones that are best suited to your needs, personality

                and lifestyle. 

          2.   NOURISH/FUEL

                This is actually simpler than you may think.  Relate it to your car - you

                would never put water in the gas tank and expect the car to run smoothly,

                or at all!  Your car comes with an owner's manual that tells you everything

                you need to know about it, including exactly what type of fuel it needs to

                operate at peak level.  Well, our owner's manual is the Bible and it also

                teaches what type of "fuel" we need to put into our spirits, souls and bodies in

                order for them to operate at peak efficiency.  Besides nutrient-dense, fresh whole

                food, water is a critical nutrient!


                There are certain very expensive sports cars that will break down if they are

                 not driven regularly.  We, too, were created for motion!  We have 639 muscles in

                 our bodies.  If we don't use them - we lose them!  Exercise builds muscle and

                 burns fat, boosts our metabolism, keeps us flexible and energized and even

                 releases endorphins, those wonderful feel-good brain chemicals.  Some

                 research has also shown exercise may "reset" your emotions. 

          4.  REST/REBOOT

                God established the Sabbath as a day of rest - physically and every other

                way.  We need time to rest, be refreshed and renewed.  Taking time to

                do things we enjoy is a great way to reboot.  But making time periodically throughout

                the day to just breathe, daydream, meditate or listen to music you love will refresh and

                energize you. As with the other  keys, we will discuss your  specific goals and work

                together to decide what strategies will fit your lifestyle, personality and needs.

Each one of these keys must be applied to the three parts of your being - spirit, soul and body.  It is a very simple, straight-forward program that addresses the whole person.

When beginning any new program or changing your usual way of doing things, it is critical that you approach it correctly.  I have found in order to succeed with this or any health program there are five things to keep in mind:

First, you must make a "quality decision."  That just means you are sure this is what you want and need to do, you are truly ready to make some changes and you will accept no excuses or procrastination from yourself.

Next, making changes gradually, taking "baby steps" seems to work best.  It allows you to make the necessary adjustments in your habits, routine and thinking.  Once you have mastered one step, move on to the next.

Third, getting regular support and encouragement is so important.  Surround yourself with people who will cheer you on and not try to sabotage your efforts.  This is one of the many ways a health coaching program benefits you: by providing encouragement, motivation, support and accountability.

Forgive and move on.  We all slip and get side-tracked now and then.  Holidays are one example.  Just forgive yourself of occasional lapses and move on.  Consistency is the key.  It is not what you do between Thanksgiving and New Years that counts, it is what you do between New Years and Thanksgiving!

Finallycelebrate each and every success.  Losing half a pound rather than four pounds may discourage you, but you must see it as moving in the right direction and celebrate that success.  Each one builds upon the previous one and creates momentum. 

Together we will create a comprehensive, personalized program that addresses your unique health and wholeness needs and goals.

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