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3 D Weight Loss Coaching Plan
What if losing weight could be simple and easy?
What if it could be a pleasant side effect of a healthier lifestyle?
Watch my message for some good news.

If you feel like losing weight is impossible and

You find yourself continually trying every new diet,

Would you let me show you what it feels like to properly fuel yourself and live with a healthy spirit, soul, and body?

Let's work together to create long term weight loss versus a short term fix.

Sign up for the free 15 minute consultation and let's discuss how the Today is Still the Day Plan could help you finally get to a healthy weight and stay there!

Generic weight loss advice just doesn't work. In fact, it causes weight gain! Find out why here.

Read about my daughter, Elizabeth's experience and success here and see her photos.

Listen to my interview on the Blissful Living Podcast here.

Read client Cindy's success story here and see her dramatic before and after photos!

Here is my Featured Author Interview in Book Reader Magazine.

Here is what the Judge, 27th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards had to say:

"The struggle against weight gain, bolstered by an abiding belief in religious faith, is the focus of this often-inspiring book on how to gain and sustain wellness. The amount of information given is impressive. The author points out diets that can lead to weight loss but she goes further in providing methods to keep your trimmer body by retraining your taste buds and initiating healthy eating habits with better selected foods. Emphasis is put on breaking additions to foods such as processed sugary items. High quality foods, such as those including proteins, are suggested. Fascinating sections cover the truth about calories, how to make friends with fats, and fasting. Non-scale ways to check progress ways is another useful subject.

A comprehensive overview of a plan to cover your path to wellness encompasses a seven-week program that takes in various preparations including a shopping list. Specific foods are enumerated. Exercises are suggested. Ample writing space is allocated in the book to keep tabs on one’s progress.

Fuel for the soul as well as the body is given with biblical precepts.

The first-person writing is concise, with excellent subheads to help readers focus on particular aspects. Well-ordered listings are very helpful."

Here is what Kim Potter said to the subscribers of her daily devotional:

"There are a few things God has been talking with me about this year - one is walking and living in wholeness, not only divine health, but wholeness.  I believe it is part of our blessing through Jesus Christ.

That being said, we have a part to play in that blessing - our actions must coincide with a life of health and wholeness.

As God has been talking to me about this, I have been seeking Him about the right way to go about it.  A way that would help me succeed.

Today, I received a book in the mail.  It was a surprise, I had not expected it at all...but I began to read it.  As I did, it included SO MANY things God has been talking to me about involving wholeness. 

So much of it is exactly what I have been hearing from God - this excites me!

This book, I am sure, will assist me in pursuing a life of wholeness.  I was so excited about it, after reading a couple chapters, I sent my sister a text and said, "you need to order this book!"

After sharing it with her, I knew I had to share it with you too.

If you are interested in living a life of health and wholeness, you should consider ordering this book right away.  It's only $10.99 on Amazon.   The first chapter alone is worth that.  

Ann Musico will take you on a journey that will equip you to live a life of wholeness, as God intended you to. And it is all from a Christian perspective...it doesn't get better than that!"
Here is a blog post that clearly explains my basic weight loss principles!
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