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Health Span

2024 Dirty Dozen Clean 15 Lists

Easter Blessings 2024

How Stress Affects Digestion


A Fresh Start

Easy Protein Swaps


Why Practice Gratitude

7 Healthy Steps You Can Take Today





Happy New Year 2024

Christmas Blessings 2023

Spice Up Your Holidays


Post Holiday Eating Strategies

Thanksgiving Wishes 2023

How To Handle the Holiday Meal Minefield

Why Consider Essential Oils?

Dark Tea and Blood Sugar

A Simple Way to Support Immune Function

Fall Fruits and Veggies Part 2

Fall Fruits and Veggies Part 1

Why Care About Insulin Resistance?

Don't Skimp on Sleep

Overlooked Dementia Risk






Looking Back Part 2

Looking Back



Digestive Enzymes

Oral Health and Chronic Disease

Update on Dietary Fat

Mindset: What You Believe is Key

Explosion of IBS

Why Choose Real Whole Foods Part 4

Why Choose Real Whole Foods Part 3

Mother's Day Blessings 2023

Why Choose Real Whole Foods Part 2

Why Choose Real, Whole Foods Part 1

Overlooked Heart Disease Factors

My 7 Daily Herbs and Spices

Easter Blessings 2023

Don't Skimp on Sleep

Emotions, Inflammation and Health

Food Compass

Inflammation and Your Diet

Is Diet Really That Important?

Soul Elimination

Spiritual Elimination

Ways to Support Healthy Elimination

Why Elimination is So Important

More Reasons to Prioritize Protein

Why Prioritize Muscle?

Are You Building a Strong Foundation

Try Giving Yourself Grace

New Year Wishes for 2023

Christmas Blessings 2022

Healthier Sugar Alternatives

Why Too Much Sugar is So Destructive

Top 5 Habits for Good Health

Happy Thanksgiving 2022

7 Simple Ways to Support Immune Function

Thoughts, Feelings and Emotions

Soul Health: Guard Your Heart

Soul Health Part Four: Emotions

Soul Health Part Three: Your Will

Soul Health Part Two: Mind

Soul Health Part One

Emotional Eating and Cravings Part Two

Emotional Eating and Cravings Part One

Creating Affordable and Healthy Meals

What is Nutrient Density?

Stocking Your Pantry

Protein: The Unsung Hero

Molecular Hydrogen Health Benefits

Earthing or Grounding

Maybe You Need a Habit Refresh

Toxic EMF Solutions Part 4

Toxic EMFs Hormones and Parasites Part Three

Toxic EMFs Part Two

Toxic EMFs Part One

Why Ingredients are Important

The Amino Acid You Never Heard of

Is Salt a Hero or a Villain

Coffee vs Matcha

Blood Sugar Update

Making Choices, Changing Pereception

Are Your Snacks Really Healthy Part 2

Are Your Snacks Really Healthy Part 1

From My Heart on Mother's Day

Cholesterol Part 2

Cholesterol Part 1

Easter Blessings 2022

Why Detox is Step One

Are You Making These Weight Loss Mistakes Part Two

Are You Making These Weight Loss Mistakes Part One

22 Tips for the Healthiest 2022 Part Two

22 Tips for the Healthiest 2022 Part One

More Vitamin C Benefits

Teas for Stress Relief

3 Ways to Protect Your Immune Function

Ways to Use Water

There is More to Health Than Just Food

Worry Time

Habits Take Time to Form

What Does Willpower Have to do With It?

Creating Healthier Habits for 2022

My New Year Wishes for 2022

My 2021 Christmas Blessings

Navigating the Holiday Food Mine Field

7 Essentials for Building Health Part Two

7 Essentials for Building Health Part One

Happy Thanksgiving

Root Veggies Part Two

Root Veggies Part One


Pumpkin Seeds

Making EFT Part of Your Daily Routine

Marvelous Moringa


Surprising Sumac

Staying Healthy

EMFs and Immune Function

Do You Need an Oil Change?

Marvelous Millet

Moody? Maybe You're Thirsty

Refining Blood Sugar Regulation

Mushrooms and Longevity

Finding the Fountain of Youth

Are You on the List

Destructive Frequencies

Frequencies and Why They Matter

Don't Forget About Fiber

Your Amazing Body Part Two

Your Amazing Body Part One

The Great Debate: Meat vs Plant

What Should Your Health Focus Be?

Supplements, Meal Structure, Timing and More

Is There One Optimal Diet?

Determining Your Carb Tolerance

Other Impacts on Blood Sugar

Where Do You Begin

Why Check Blood Sugar

Healthy Life Basics

Book Review: Fast This Way

Hormesis: Why it Matters

Weight Loss Update

More Ways to Elevate Nutrition

Easy Ways to Elevate Nutrition


Creating the Most Effective Food and Fitness Log

Weight Loss: The Real Issue

Post Holiday Reset Part Two

Post Holiday Reset Part One

Upgrading Healthy Habits

Get Spicy to Get Healthy

Healing Beverages


Optimizing Your Freezer

Shaking  Up Fall Menus

Sirutins and Longevity

Fermented Foods and Stress

Benefits of Stressed Foods

Benefits of Garlic

Importance of Digestion - Physical and Emotional

Habits to Increase Healthy Lifespan

How Your Thinking Affects Nutrition

Metabolic Flexibility and COVID 19

Zinc and Quercetin

Vitamin A Foods and Supplementation

Vitamin D for Health

Best Sources of Vitamin C

7 Health Nuggets

Vagal Tone and Immune Function

Lymphatic System and Immune Function

EMFs, 5G and Immune Function

Exercise, Happiness and Humidity for Immune Function

Intermittent Fasting and Grounding

More Strategies for a Stronger Immune System

Top Two Risk Factors

Where Do We Go From Here

Why Today is Still the Day

Lifestyle Changes and How to Make Them

My Morning Elixir

Happy Mother's Day 2020

Proactive Health: Spirit and Soul

Proactive Health: Food and Supplements

Proactive Health: Staying Ahead of the Curve

Lupini Beans

Is Fat Friend or Foe?

Let's Talk Carbs

The Principle of Variability

Winter Veggies

Children and Weight Loss

Food of the Gods

Comparing Weight Loss Diets

Why You Need a Routine

Starting the Day Right

Let's Talk Specifics

Upgrades to Nutrition

Happy New Year 2020

Holiday Weight Management

Holiday Spices and Herbs Part Two

Holiday Spices Part One

Pine Nuts

Wonderful Walnuts


Bone Broth vs. Mushroom Broth


Using Your Freezer

Speaking Your Body's Language for Wholeness

Chamomile Tea

Healthy or Not

Nutrition and Vision

Rooibos Tea

Cacao vs. Cocoa

Plant-Based Milks

Coffee Benefits

Cheese, Milk and Dairy Foods

6 Phytonutrients You Should Know

What are Mesonutrients

Gluten Free Flours

Easy Ways to Boost Veggie Intake

Histamine Intolerance

Clean Eating Benefits

Metabolic Uniqueness and My Daughter's Story

Dirty Dozen, Clean 15

Happy Mother's Day

Easter and Passover Blessings

Food Allergies, Sensitivities and Intolerances

Even Plants Can Have a Downside

Choosing Healthy Sugar Substitutes

9 Ways to Boost Plant Food Intake

How Emotions Influence Inflammation

Digestive Health and Inflammation

Seasonal Allergy Supplements and Strategies

How to Stock Your Pantry

Foods and Strategies for Hormonal Balance

Diet and Beautiful Skin

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