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This is my 3-D Vitality Blog.  If there are specific health subjects you have questions about or things you would like to see covered in future newsletters - this is the place to let me know! 

I will be sharing short posts relating to all kinds of health issues - nutrition, digestion, weight loss, spirit and soul health and so much more.  And I need your comments, questions and input.  Let's make this blog a place where we have an ongoing dialogue! 

Here are some of my foundational posts:

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Digestive Health: Timing is Everything

Weight Loss: The Missing Piece

Weight Loss: Is it a Plateau or a Rut

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Corona Virus: Staying Healthy

Detox: Why It's More Important Than Ever

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Weight Loss: Is Guilt Sabotaging Your Efforts

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Weight Loss: it's Not Too Late, So Get Started

Weight Loss: How Satisfied Are You?

Weight Loss: Why Hire a Health Coach

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Exercise: An Undervalued Key to Health

Weight Loss: Fasting and Gut Health

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Health: How Does Prayer Impact It?

How Your Healthy Attitude Affects Nutrition

Weight Loss: A Simple, Secret Weapon

Weight Loss: 5 Simple Tweaks

Weight Loss: To Snack or Not to Snack

Sugar and Inflammation

Healthy Weight Loss: Why Meal Timing Matters

Weight Loss: What's the Big Deal About Fiber

Weight Loss: Why Protein is Key

Healthy Weight Loss: Why Comprehensive Works

Weight Loss: Today is Still the Day

Weight Loss: Why Detox is Step One

Weight Loss: Take a Deep Breath

Weight Loss: Choose Your Hard

Health: Enzymes for Digestion on Every Level

Health: Is Anxiety Inherited?

Nutrition: Why Meal Timing Matters

Health: The Nature Prescription

Wholeness: The Power of Words and Belief

Nutrition: 5 Ways to Eat More Mindfully

Health: Maybe You Should Lose the Label

Weight Loss: It's An Inside Job

Are You Choosing Normal Over New?

Weight Loss: A Surprising Connection


How to Cure Posts

Healthy Aging: What Role Can Nutrition Play

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How to Support Your Immune System for a Second Wave of COVID-19

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5 Simple Ways to Boost Weight Loss

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Longevity Media Health Posts

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