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Get Healthy Game Plan and Tap into Health:

Ann I wanted to get in touch with you and let you know how great I am doing. I feel so much better!! I can't thank you enough for all your help! I have made so many changes in my eating, sleeping, exercise... I got on the scale this morning and weighed 151 pounds. When I started with you over a year ago I was just under 180. I would not have been able to do any of this without your help. Last week I went back through my notebook from my time with you. There were so many things that you said that have brought about lifelong change. The tapping scripts are amazing, all of our emails back-and-forth are life-giving for me. I'm also so thankful that you helped me get in touch with a doctor at Your Wellness Center. I don't think I would've been able to get my hormones balanced without a doctor. I feel so great right now. I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am for all your help!!  Blessings and hugs, Polly

Brainstorming Blueprint:

Jody T. says: "I was diagnosed with severe multiple ulcers and instructed to eat a very bland diet until they were healed. At a loss as to what to eat, my friend suggested I contact her health coach, Ann. After providing Ann with some background information, she developed a plan for me. Not only is my stomach feeling better, but my cholesterol has dropped 45 points in month. My triglycerides are back in the normal range, and I have dropped 8 pounds without counting calories or measuring my food! I am grateful to Ann for helping me to heal and get healthy!"

Read this awesome testimony from Cindy Hirch - she not only lost 23 pounds that up until now she'd been unable to lose, reaching her goal weigh, she lowered her A1C from 6.3, which was pre-diabetes level to 5.5, which is normal!  Let her tell you in her own words how we worked together to accomplish this awesome goal right here.

Today is Still the Day Weight Loss Plan:

Karen H. says"My goal for the year 2020 is to focus on my overall health; I will be turning 70, and I want to improve my physical health.  I have followed Ann Musico's blog "Three Dimensional Vitality" for many years, and I respect her expertise as a certified health coach.  I purchased her book, TODAY IS STILL THE DAY, and I was motivated to begin her eating plan on New Year's Day.  I wanted to lose 10 to 12 lbs. in a healthy way.  Her book offers so much more than just an eating plan.  She includes the importance of nourishing your spirit as well as your body.  I appreciate her suggestions of nourishing your spirit and soul with biblical scriptures and other resources.

My husband had similar goals and was willing to go on the 7 week plan to support me.  Little did he know how much he would enjoy this easy plan!  After cleaning out the pantry and fridge of processed foods, we shopped for organic fruits and vegetables, as well as lean grass fed meat, poultry, and fish. 

This plan was easy for us as we didn't feel hungry nor did we want to snack between meals.  We have learned the importance of portion control and consuming more water.  We have finished the 7 week goal, and have made a decision to continue to maintain this blueprint for healthy eating.  Ann has been a great support, and she is very responsive to answering any questions that we have. 

I have lost 10 lbs, lowered my blood pressure, and reduced body fat.  My husband has lost 13 lbs.  We both feel more energy, sleep better, and have improved positive moods.  I highly recommend TODAY IS STILL THE DAY to anyone who wants to learn about good nutrition, and to know that this is a doable plan for weight loss and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. "

Kim Potter says: "Good Morning Ann, I finished your book.  For me, that is a miracle, I read so much that a book has to be really good for me to finish it. There is a wealth of information in your book - thank you for taking the time to write it  I learned so much that I can make some changes immediately that will hopefully make a huge impact. I am excited to begin.

Blessings to you!"

Beth Melfe says"Ann, I just want to take this time to tell you how wonderful this whole process has been for me.

I have learned so much, not only an education in food values, but spiritually, this has been quite a journey.  The daily encouragements and food for thought information have left me thinking and re-evaluating myself and they way I have done things for a long time.
I have thoroughly enjoyed each e-mail and tip that you have sent me along the way.  This program is truly life changing and spirit-led.  I have incorporated many changes and have felt the benefit of the changes and additions to my life.  As I have shared different tips with my family, they also are benefiting as well in their lives too.  The mistakes along the way that pop up have been learning experiences for me to better understand the triggers that always pre-requisite a bad meal or a bad day.  That in itself is huge!!! Thank you so much Ann!"

Hear client Evadne Smith of Jamaica in her own words tell of her success on the Today's the Day plan!

Linda Alan says: "Wanted to share with you what the Lord showed me this morning as I was preparing for work. Last year I went to the gym for 5 weeks, then used the program Dr. Oz had on line for free for 3 months, logged all my food, counted calories, exercised 3 times a week and it took me 4 months to lose 7 lbs. With your knowledge , prayers and expertise I have lost those 7 lbs in 4 weeks! Truly you are a gift and blessing from God to me."

Ercilla says"Thank you for a wonderful 7 weeks, today I am down 14 lbs. I feel awesome! Even though I am not at my target weight yet (17 lbs to go) I want to tell you that I feel like I am in the best shape of my life. I eat healthy, my soul is getting healthy and I am conscious of the things that are toxic to my body and soul. Thank you for that and thank you for being such and wonderful guide on this first part of my journey! I have indeed learned so much about myself and my body. I will definitely letting folks know all about you. Thanks a million for these bonuses too!"

Michael Wright says: “Ann, thanks so much for checking in week by week on my progress and for your daily support and encouraging emails!  I cannot recommend your program (along with your coaching) high enough!  I feel like I've got a new body and that feeding it the bad stuff just isn't going to cut it anymore!  Like trying to fuel a Ferrari with soda pop - just doesn't work well!

It's always this part of weight loss that throws me (a few weeks in), yet this time when I temporarily fell off the wagon so to speak, I've never had my body yell at me and ask me what in the world was this junk it was being fed.  I can only assume the detox part of the program really cleansed me so well, that my body just didn't crave it any longer.

Summer vacation is in full tilt at our house and there is more to do, more activities outside the house and thus more opportunities to eat out.   This was my biggest concern, that I would be motivated to lose down to my goal (which I gladly achieved, but earlier than expected) and lose the motivation to keep going.  Ann’s daily emails have really helped me to realize even more that this is SO much bigger than a pants size – today’s email was about the true definition of Healthy.  You can be a fitness model and still be unhealthy, when you view it from a 3-Dimensional aspect.

What is encouraging here is that I can still make progress!"

Luanne Begany: "I am learning so much - not just about meal composition but also on a spiritual and emotional level.

I am adapting this 7-Week plan to my life and my family and in these first 4 weeks I've already lost 17 lbs!  I have been on Weight Watchers in the past and it took me almost 2 years to lose 30 lbs.  I've lost more than half that in just one month!  And it doesn't feel like a diet at all.  I think one of the biggest differences is eliminating most of the processed foods.  They don't even taste good any more.  This is a way of eating I can stick with!" 

Irene A, Singapore: "I lost a total of 14 pounds during the 7 weeks I found the diet lifestyle changes easy to incorporate and I intend to continue in the same vein. May I take this opportunity to thank you for never giving up on me and putting me on the right track. Your dedication always showed through and reliability also. Thank you for all the biblical encouragement you gave me and making me believe in God's love." 

Scott Smith, successful 7-Week Coaching Client says:  "You are a blessing to so many people in the Kingdom.  Your health advice has blessed people globally.  The Lord has anointed your cutting edge knowledge.  Thank you for caring about other people so much.  Thank you for being a leader."  

Nancy H.: "You let me know that failing doesn’t necessarily make you a failure!  It is so nice to hear the positive even when you feel there had only been negative.  Thank you!!  I needed to share that with you so that you truly know how blessed I feel having you guide me on this journey.   It is very rewarding for me to connect with you each day as well. I just mentioned to my husband last night how good I feel about this plan and your guidance. I have to share Ann, that the best part of this whole process is having you at my fingertips.

You asked yesterday why I felt I have been so much more conscious with this plan and I truly believe it is because you are right here for me and as I have mentioned before, I think of you even when I am not making the right choices.  In other plans I might have been conscious of what I was doing but always felt like I wouldn’t be facing anyone for a few days so I had time to make it up and by the time I was at the meeting I didn’t bother bringing it up and just sat through the meeting dealing with it by myself.  One on one works so well and I attribute that to my success with this plan.  Your emails have been really helpful.  I find when I read them that I relate to them so much.  It is amazing how you think you know things and then when you read something and confirm that your feelings are real it is like an aha moment and you tell yourself that you were right.  That’s rewarding! I often relate to the messages."

Sandie M.:  "I chose to do the Today's the Day 7 Week Fitness Coaching Plan where Ann works with me daily through the 7 weeks of the plan.  The information and support she provided was very practical and easy to implement in my daily life.  And I can use the information and knowledge for the rest of my life.  She has inspired me to learn more. I noticed other benefits like being able to sleep between 7 and 9 hours and find my energy and moods are so much more stable.  My goals were to lose 10 lbs., walk 3 miles easily, walk up stairs easily and to drink 8 glasses of water daily and I was able to achieve every one of them!"

Michael Wright:  (In commenting on a blog post talking about shame): "I can certainly relate to an extent – we think for some reason we are supposed to have it all together and not need help from anyone. I think that is why so many exercise machines and pills are sold but people are still unhealthy and overweight. There is a place for wisdom from a skilled coach in all areas of life! Actually some of those emotions such as fear and shame are addressed in your book, so I’d recommend a person read your book, then get the coaching and consultation they need.

Ann, I hope people read this and come to terms with any fear or shame issues they may have.   I personally appreciate and have benefited from your comments, wisdom and guidance the past almost 2 years now since we met.  I'm not blowing smoke here, but you really are the perfect blend of wisdom, approachable-ness/love and strength.  You offer your strength and wisdom with love, without judgment.  Yes, we all have strengths and weaknesses and you realize that up front with your clients.  I appreciate your willingness to note that we ALL fall short (Romans 3:23) and need help!"

Lori Y.: “Things are great here... lost four more over the last two weeks and I am under 200!! Goal #1 was that... yes... love saying 100.... My clothes are absolutely baggy... there was a pair of jeans I bought two years or so ago that I wanted to wait to wear cause they were snug and I was going down but I never got down and now they fit! And are actually too big now... I think I am down at least one size and maybe two... It feels really great.

Your book is amazing!!!!! Inspiring again! I am only half way thru it and I love the spirit that pours out of it! You have certainly breathed life into it. I feel as though you are in the room with me talking to me!  And I would say that access to you by email is worth $100K annually!  What a bargain!"

Chris says:  Considering I eat relatively clean anyway and still lost six pounds in two weeks on your cleanse, I’m fully convinced that you found whatever equation you had to find for weight loss.

Today is Still the Day Book review:

Marcy T: This book is jam packed with information that will change your life. Ann has a way of taking complex information and laying it out in a way we can all understand it. I especially like that it includes a 7 week plan that takes you step by step to wellness!

14-Day Diet Reboot: 

Karen Hefler says: "I am now 4 days into the Reboot diet, and really like it.  I have been able to adhere to it without food cravings...there were a couple of moments I did want some bread, but that is a food I'm trying to decrease even after this Reboot....I've been on the reboot for a week now, and I am doing well.  I haven't found it difficult to give up sugar, dairy and wheat.  I did cheat and have a couple of glasses of wine with dinner over the weekend.  I have lost 2 lbs and feel very motivated.  Your recipes are so good!  My husband and I love the spicy black bean soup, and the lentil soup is fabulous.  Thanks so much, and here's to another week.... The reboot was a success, and I lost 3 lbs!    I'm so happy I have the plan and recipes, and it will be my go-to for future reboots."

3 D Living

“Ann is quite the remarkable lady. I highly recommend her services to anyone and will always have no second thoughts or regrets when referring clients to her. I have had such a strong connection with her that I believe it to be divine. Ann makes you feel that you are on the exact same wavelength when you are communicating with her and it’s as though she’s been your best friend all your life. I am very proud and honored to call her a friend. She is a fellow coach and a true inspiration in my life. Thank you Ann, for all you do.”

~Rob Clinton ,180 Career Coaching

I think we sometimes resist seeking help because we don't even know what we need help with.  We don't know what questions to ask, so we don't even know how an expert can help. You can gather information or evidence and look at the situation from a fresh and objective perspective.

As I've said before, YOU are VERY approachable and if people would just take you up on your free consultation, it could be life changing!  Marianne Clements

"I had years of professional training in dentistry and molecular biology. I was amazed at Ann Musico's knowledge in nutrition and health. But what I find more amazing is her understanding of human mind and spirit. Ann does not just give you the information, she equips you with applicable steps to make REAL change. She is also extremely caring. Ann Musico's life-long passion and quest for real good health has been a blessing indeed!"   Pei Kang, DDS, PhD

No-Nonsense Nutrition Report:

Dr. Lynne Kavulich:  I  commend you on your newsletter article  on  Cancer.   As  you know  I was  a cancer   researcher  for  many  years before I committed   my life   to wellness care.  Your  statements , including  prayer are the keys to a lifestyle  of striving   to prevent  cancer.    Beautiful work.

Beth says:  "Thank you for yet another awesome newsletter.  They are truly a blessing to everyone who reads them"

George says:  "This was excellent information. Very unique and interesting."

Laura says: "Thank you Ann. This is excellent and you are an encouragement to me.

Holly says:  "I always enjoy reading your emails each week re nutrition, health, etc., but I never tell you how much I enjoy them.  I’ve learned a lot about the labeling system through you, which is really cool – I try not to buy anything “engineered” or brought in from other countries……."

Empowering women to exemplify vibrant health at every stage of life and to be catalysts for health in their families, workplaces and communities.