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There are certain companies whose products I use and love and highly recommend that offer an affiliate program. This means that I have a unique link I can offer to you so that if you purchase the product through that link, I will receive a small commission on the sale. I only promote products I actually use and genuinely recommend. Below are the ones I have been using that I wanted to introduce you to and make available to you. So if you make a purchase after clicking one of these links, I will earn some some money and I thank you in advance.


We Can Be Safe:There's no doubt that we are living in an unsafe world. We are surrounded and bombarded with toxins from every direction and one of the most ubiquitous and dangerous is completely invisible: radiation. Specifically EMFs from electronics we are all exposed to constantly. While there isn't much we can do about certain hazards, there is something we can do to protect ourselves from EMFs and 5G exposure. These are by far the best products I have found and I have tried many. I have had the house shield in my home for over 10 years. We now offer bracelets, bands and pendants for personal protection that you will enjoy wearing, as they are attractive as well as very effective. You can protect your entire family with the house shield. There are also unique products to protect your electronics, cars and pets as well. 

Youngevity: There are so many wonderful supplements, foods and personal care products. Some of my go-to products that my husband and I use daily are: protein powders, collagen peptides, Cherry-Mins, BTT 2.0, Gluco-Gel, Osteo-FX and Trinity Lotion.

Ameo LifeI have been using the silver infused soaps, lozenges, alkaline structured silver solution and probiotics from Ameo Life for several years now and truly love them. They are infused with alkaline structured silver, a powerful, natural antibiotic. I always keep them on hand. 

Ion Bottles: One of the basic, foundational health principles I recommend is proper hydration. I have been reading about the benefits of Molecular Hydrogen for several years and have used tablets dissolved in water to get those benefits. I found the Ion Hydrogen Generating Bottle and have been using it and really loving not only the convenience but also the benefits. I typically use two bottles of the water generated each day. Molecular Hydrogen is known to be anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, increases antioxidants and reduces fatigue and boosts energy. 

OraWellnessDental health affects your entire body! These are some of the best products I've found and use daily.

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