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Listen here to a 30-minute interview I did with Dr. Keith Brown on spiritual weight loss.
Listen here as Keith Brown and I discuss why stress, shame and self-image may be the hidden blocks to your path to truly vibrant health and wholeness!
Who wants to be considered "average"? No one - but when it comes to health and weight loss, the average American is not doing well! Obesity, diabetes, heart disease are all running rampant - and it doesn't have to be this way. Listen here as The Iron Jen and I discuss how we might make some healthy changes.
What do toxicity and stress have to do with weight loss? Maybe more than you thought! Listen as The Iron Jen & I discuss How to Lose Weight and Stay Healthy During Stressful Times! 
If you feel like you lose your way and get lost with all the diet and weight loss information out there, let me be your Nutritional GPS and I will help you stay on track!
Watch here as I show you how to do a strength training exercise you can do anywhere!
Learn the basics of my favorite breakfast smoothies by watching me make one here.

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