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There are 3 easy ways to work with me:

  1. Basic 7 Week Plan: daily emails $177.00; or 

  2. 7 Week Enhanced Plan $277.00 - daily emails and one 30-minute call weekly via phone, Zoom or Skype plus a 30- minute tapping session

  3. 2nd 7 Week Plan cycle for those who have done the 7 week plan and would like to continue with 7 more weeks for $137.00

The Basic 7 Week Plan includes:

7 weeks of coaching,   including daily emails, as well as unlimited access to me via email for questions, (If you would like the ability to text me for quick questions, that's available as well);

the complete Today is Still the Day e-book (you can also purchase the Kindle or print version separately);

link to my online questionnaire, *including Adrenal Quiz;

food logs, quick start guide,

access to Today's the Day blog posts;

And now I also provide my Making Sense of Macros Guide for those who like to track their intake;

plus bonuses worth over $300, including: 

30 Days of Daily Fitness Tips emails once you finish;

Strategies for Continuing Success report;

Bonus Tips for Surviving the Holidays: 

Use it or Lose it Bible Study;

the results of your metabolic typing test and Adrenal quiz if taken, as well as suggestions for further structuring your diet - bonuses worth well over $300! 

*If the Adrenal Quiz reveals that adrenal fatigue may be an issue hindering your weight loss efforts, I will help you adjust the Today's the Day plan to address this problem - at no extra cost.

The 7 Week Enhanced Plan includes: everything the Basic 7 week plan includes PLUS a weekly 30 minute phone call or Zoom conference to discuss your progress and trouble shoot any problems so you can maintain your positive momentum as well as a 30-minute tapping session to address any underlying issues affecting your ability to lose weight. 

The 2nd 7 Week Cycle: If you have already done the 7 Week coaching and have more to lose or just love the support and encouragement of daily emails, this plan is for you! It's a maintenance plan on steroids!

2nd 7 Week Enhanced: It is helpful for most of my clients to be able to have a 30 minute consultation at the end of each week and if that appeals to you, click above for the link to purchase.

Once you decide which plan will work best for your needs, here's all you need to do:

CLICK HERE for The Basic 7 Week Plan with daily emails for only $175.00 US

CLICK HERE for The Enhanced 7 Week Plan for only $277.00 US

CLICK HERE for the 2nd 7 Week Plan Cycle for $137.00 U.S. (it is the email format only)

CLICK HERE for the 2nd 7 Week Enhanced Plan for $207 U.S.

CLICK HERE for information on Group Plans and discounts!

Once I receive notification  with your email address, I will contact you via email so we can work together to structure your coaching plan in a way that works best for you and I will also send you the e-book for the 7 weeks, questionnaire, quick start guide, food logs and all beginning documents via email as well.

Then I will also send you the link to sign up for the daily emails and and questionnaire. **Don't forget to follow the instructions to confirm your subscription, otherwise you will not get the emails!**

What are you waiting for? Today's the Day!

Empowering women to exemplify vibrant health at every stage of life and to be catalysts for health in their families, workplaces and communities.