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A Sincere Invitation > Prayer of Recommitment

If you received Jesus and Savior and Lord but you have allowed that relationship to slip and you want to renew it, don’t wait a moment longer! The Lord is waiting, with open arms, to receive you and restore you to intimate fellowship with Him.

Dear God,
I confess that I have strayed from my first love - Jesus - and I want to recommit my life to You. Please help me to become the person You created me to be. Enable me to always live a life that is pleasing to You. 
I want to be a witness to others of Your saving grace and power. Forgive me when I take back the control of my life. I want You to be Lord of my life. 
Renew my passion to walk more closely with You. You know all my desires and plans. Help me to fulfill Your unique call and purpose in my life.
Renew my heart, restore the joy of my salvation and grant me a willing spirit to sustain me. Lord, thank You for this hope I have in You. Use my life to bring You glory, honor and praise.  
Thank You, Lord, Jesus for hearing and answering my prayer. In Your Name. Amen.
If you prayed that prayer sincerely, you are restored to fellowship with God. Now, it's time to return to the basics.
Make a commitment – a quality decision – to do what you did when you first accepted Jesus as your Savior and Lord:

Pray and commune with the Father every day. Don’t just begin your day with prayer, but speak to Him throughout the day. Ask for guidance, help, encouragement; acknowledge His Presence and power; thank Him and praise Him continually!

Quick tips:

  • read your Bible daily; 
  • use a daily devotional to help you focus on His Word;
  • go to church; and 
  • worship Him privately and in the congregation.

Please send me an email at ann@threedimensionalvitality.com,  so that I may, in turn, send you a FREE gift I hope will help you in your walk with God and I will also pray for you regularly.

Ann Musico

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