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My name is Ann Musico and I am a holistic health coach. That means I consider the whole person - spirit, soul and body. I was certified through the Biblical Health Institute.

I am also an author and wellness blogger specializing in health issues.

I have been married to my husband, Alex, for 35 years and I am the proud mom of three exceptional children: Christopher; Matthew; and Elizabeth and now the proud grandma of my grandson, Carter. I have been a born-again believer and committed follower of the Lord Jesus Christ for over 30 years. My relationship with God is my foundation and colors my approach to everything else in life. I’ve researched all types of health information for over 30 years, customizing it to meet my specific needs, as well as those of people I've coached over the years.

It is very important to me to be fit, strong and energetic and able to enjoy my family and fulfill God's call on my life. My mother died at the same age I am today and she missed so much. I want every woman to have the opportunity to look and feel her best and to enjoy her life to the fullest. That is the core of my mission and what drives me every day.

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Empowering women to exemplify vibrant health at every stage of life and to be catalysts for health in their families, workplaces and communities.