Healthy_Recipes > Beyond Organic Ranch Dressing

1 cup of healthy mayo*

1 bottle of plain kefir

Chopped:  chives, parsley, dill, garlic

Onion powder, sea salt, pepper

Combine the mayo, herbs and seasonings.  Add 1 bottle of plain kefir and whisk together until smooth.  Serve over greens or with anything you normally serve ranch dressing with.

*Spectrum Organic Olive Oil Mayonnaise is good; Primal Kitchen Avocado Mayo my preferred brand

Soy Free Vegenaise is another that’s good if you avoid eggs and dairy.

Besides the nice creaminess, you get the added benefit of healthy fats, which help release more of the nutrients in salad vegetables as well as probiotics. (This is from the Beyond Organic Ranch kitchen!)

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