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Healthy_Recipes > Favorite Protein Shake Recipes

12-16 oz. water

**You can include tea for part or all of your liquid - I sometimes also steep 2 organic green tea bags and one moringa or turmeric tea bag in 6 or 8 oz. of water and refrigerate overnight to include in my smoothie the next morning. Or choose a therapeutic tea and cold steep it in a mason jar with cold filtered water on the counter overnight. Sometimes I use Bigelow Benefits Radiate Beauty or Refresh. Particularly in the smoothie that has cherries or other red fruit, I love using Pique Tea Rooibos Immunity Elixir or any of the Pique tea sachets which are easy to incorporate without steeping.

1 scoop whey (or pea, rice or hemp) protein powder (This comes in Chocolate Fudge - my personal favorite - or Vanilla which I use as well.)

I have also used Slender FX True Keto Strawberry and like this one a lot too, especially with red berries.

1/3 cup frozen cherries sliced

1 small banana, cut up and/or an avocado - which makes it so creamy

Flax seeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds

(I like Barleans Forti-Flax, Nutiva Organic Ground Chia Seed, and Nutiva Hemp Seeds)

MCT Oil Powder (I like Garden of Life brand)

These are optional but I add in as many as I have on hand:

organic greens - kale, spinach, parsley, watercress, cilantro, basil, chard, micro greens or sprouts

1 stalk organic celery or one mini organic cucumber (I especially love using my own fresh from the garden)

Another great add-in is a handful of fresh or frozen (no-sugar added) cranberries or pomegranate arils!

I've even put riced cauliflower, frozen peas, carrots or broccoli straight from the freezer in as well!

1/2  tsp. Matcha green tea

While my absolute favorite is my chocolate shake, I alternate using reds, purples and oranges as well just for the variety.

Superior Reds (oranges and purples) powder (optional) available from http://www.Vitacost.com

Here's how I do it:

Put half of liquid in blender—add whey protein and Superior Reds and MCT powder if using along with all seeds.  Now I put all veggies and top with the fruit.  Last pour in remaining liquid.  Cover and blend  till frothy and creamy.  (If cherries are right from the freezer you don't need ice cubes - it will be nice and frosty.)

*To make Blueberry Smoothie substitute 1/3 cup frozen wild or fresh blueberries and Superior Purples powder;

To make Peach, Pineapple or Mango Smoothie substitute ½ cup frozen peach slices or frozen mango or pineapple chunks and Superior Oranges powder. You can also use a good green food powder with the whey protein powder.

While I alternate with the reds, oranges and purples a few other ways I change things up is to use Slender FX Keto Caramel Weight Management Shake. While it's delicious as is I use it in place of the other whey protein and add a heaping tablespoon of unsweetened, organic cacao powder and some chopped macadamias, along with the greens - absolutely delicious!

I add the organic cacao to a scoop of Youngevity Chocolate FitShake. It has bone broth protein which is so healing to the gut. Another go-to is True Keto Chocolate Creme. (can you tell I love chocolate?!).

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