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Brew enough tea to fill a 2 quart pitcher.  You can use oolong, green, white or pureh tea.  I especially like Pique Jasmine Green Tea.

As the tea steeps I like to add in one or two cinnamon sticks, a small piece of ginger, one lemon sliced into thin slices and either one dropperful of liquid cayenne or a jalapeno pepper sliced thinly.  While the tea is warm I add a zero calorie sweetener to taste like Lakanto or stevia.

I try and make it the night before and have it ready and chilled in the fridge to sip on all day.  It's especially good when I am doing a cleanse!

I especially love the combination of sweet and spicy.

The cinnamon helps balance blood sugar which helps with weight loss; ginger is very anti-inflammatory which is also important; and the jalapeno or cayenne boost metabolism.

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