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Ok, we’ve all heard that chicken soup is known as “Jewish penicillin.”  It is closer to the truth than you may think!  Studies have actually shown this to be an excellent strategy for fighting colds.  It's the one comfort food that is truly effective!  Be sure you make it from scratch, not processed from a can and full of salt, and use plenty of vegetables, garlic, herbs and spices in your broth.  Warm, steamy liquids are soothing, keep you hydrated and this one actually does help fight those invaders!

Here’s my favorite cold fighting, chicken soup recipe:

2 quarts of water;                                             3 lbs. chicken pieces with bones*;

1 large onion roughly chopped;                       3 stalks celery, roughly chopped;

2 carrots, peeled if not organic and                  2-3 bay leaves;

roughly chopped;                                            1 head of garlic – divided into cloves, crushed;

sprigs of parsley;                                              Sea salt, ground black pepper;

Any other herbs you like!                                1 Bulb fennel roughly chopped (optional)

(I especially like adding turmeric and cumin for the flavor and also the health benefits!)

Put everything in the pot – bring to a boil, skim any scum that forms,  then reduce heat and cover; simmer 45 minutes to an hour until chicken is cooked.  Strain broth.  At this point you can cool it; refrigerate and then skim any fat that congeals off the top.  You can pull the chicken off the bones and add back into broth.  I like to add some brown, black or whole grain rice or quinoa that I’ve cooked separately into the serving bowl and season with a bit more granulated garlic and either cayenne pepper or chipotle seasoning. Inhale the steam as you enjoy.  Medicine never tasted so good!

*When  I buy chicken breasts on sale, many times I cut the meat off the bones for cutlets – I save the bones in a Ziplock bag in the freezer.  Add those bones to the pot as they add even more flavor!  Just be sure they are organic so you are not adding more toxins.

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