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I created this smoothie for those days when I just have to have chocolate! While I included 2 raw pastured eggs for the additional protein, you certainly can substitute a good quality protein powder. If you use a chocolate flavored whey protein powder it would probably make it even more chocolatey!

8 oz. plain, organic Kefir

2 teaspoons organic cacao powder or 1 packet of YoungevityBeyond Hot Chocolate powder

1 tablespoon organic peanut butter (or any nut butter you like)

2 pastured eggs (optional)

1 small banana

2 tablespoons hemp, flax or chia seeds

cinnamon and nutmeg

You can easily hide some baby spinach, power greens, flat leaf parsley or any other green you like and it won't compromise the chocolately goodness!

Combine everything in the blender and blend until smooth, creamy and frothy - delicious, satisfying and so healthy!

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