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TIME – it seems there’s never enough and there are those occasions when we need an answer to a question or some information quickly so we can make an informed decision.  The Express Coach option allows you to do just that!  It’s fast, easy and will save you so much time.  Here are some examples of how clients used it:   

“I was reading your recent news letter on moods or depression. What kinds of supplements help with moods and anxiety? I would be interested in investigating them to add daily. I struggle especially during this menopause thing I’m going through. I need some suggestions and recommendations on possible supplements in a hurry!  Have a good day!!!” J

        “HI Ann, thanks for the fast response. I just ordered one of the products and will let you know how it works!! You are such a help you know so much!!!   Thanks again.  J”

“Ann – my doctor recommended I take glucosamine and chondroitin for pain in my knee.  But he didn’t tell me what brands are best, exactly what it does, how much to take and where to find it.  I need the information quickly so I can get started.  Thanks.  Will look forward to your suggestions.”  V

        “Thanks for giving me several good brands to choose from, where to order for the best price and explaining what this supplement does (the doctor didn't).  Your quick response saved me time and I was able to order it right away.  V"

The cost is $25.00.  Simply CLICK HERE to purchase.

Then send me an email at ann@threedimensionalvitality.com detailing your question.  Please put “Express Coach question” in the subject line.  As soon as I receive notification from paypal, I will respond to you as quickly as possible during normal working hours (between 9 am and 5 pm ET) and certainly within 24 hours.

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