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Do you constantly yo-yo between healthy eating and going off the deep end? Do you lose 10 pounds only to gain back 15? Do you struggle changing habits even though you deeply desire to do so?

If you been unable to make the healthy changes you truly desire to long-term, I want to suggest taking a different perspective.

The whole idea surrounding New Year’s resolutions and even setting goals is flawed. 

People aren’t picking specific behaviors, they’re picking abstract goals.  Any abstract goal you have which is not tied to a specific behavior is nearly impossible for your brain to focus on.

So how do you train yourself to follow through so a goal or resolution actually becomes a habit? Let's walk through the next 3 months together and put some pieces of the puzzle in place and once you get the first new, healthy habit in place, you can then apply what you do here to any other habits you want to integrate into your life!

Click this link and let's make this your best year ever! The one where you actually make lasting progress.

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