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Youngevity Supplements and Products

You have access to all their incredible, effective supplements and products. Simply click here to see all the products.

You can simply purchase as a retail or preferred customer who gets wholesale prices at a great discount. If you are interested in signing up, contact me and I can set you up.  Why not  consider being a distributor? Besides wholesale price on supplements, you will get a "thank you" check just from your own purchases as well as from those who buy products from you - you make money!! If that interests you, contact me and I can get the process started for you.

Youngevity offers some amazing home services to help you save money! To learn about those below, CLICK HERE.

CartRipple Shopping App: Download this FREE shopping app to your smart phone (apple or android) or to your PC if, like me, you don't have a smart phone. It is called Cartripple.

This app is designed to save you money at stores you already shop at online, get special deals and discounts and get cash back on those purchases as well. But that's not all – if you use the app on a smart phone you also have the ability to do price comparisons and get the best price on whatever you are buying!

Everyone likes to save money and in today's economy every dollar counts! It's more important than ever to be a good steward of our resources. So download and use the app and share it with everyone you know!  

Youngevity Telecare:

If you hate sitting in the doctor's office, especially with small children – here's something new:

Virtual Care... Anywhere! 

24/7 365 Days Access to Board Certified Doctors,

Pediatricians and Therapists – Introducing...

Youngevity TeleCare : $29 per month - per family! No per visit charge! See it here now:

You never know when sickness will strike. Our TeleCare program brings doctors and pediatricians quickly available to you anytime, from anywhere. With Youngevity TeleCare there's no hassle trying to schedule an appointment at a mutually convenient time, no driving to and from the doctors' office, no frustrating time wasted sitting in the waiting room (full of other sick people).If you have small children you know how frustrating it can be to have to entertain them in a crowded doctor's office when they don't feel well. And all too often if you're there for something minor, they'll come home with something else!

Through our affiliation with MDLIVE, you can reach an extensive network of healthcare professionals by phone, online or even via smartphone with their TeleCare app. A doctor will call you back, usually within 15 minutes, listen carefully and even write a prescription and have it sent to your local pharmacy immediately.

A revolution in the health care industry, a virtual consultation provides diagnoses of non-emergency medical issues over the phone, or through secure video on your computer of smart mobile device.

If you were to go to MDLive directly, this same service would cost you $49 per visit. By ordering through me here it is a flat $29 per family per month unlimited usage!

Youngevity Travel and Entertainment:

Amazing discounts on travel, hotel, sporting events, concerts and more for members and it's easy to sign up and become a member!














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